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These events are quite popular as I am fully booked through Lent 2022. At the moment, I have two available weeks for 2023 and three available weeks for 2024.

The format for my missions follow a classic form with me preaching at all weekend Masses and weekday morning Masses.

Then, my mission presentations consist of a sequence of topics, depending on the number of weekdays and the spiritual and pastoral needs of the community.  In each presentation I also lead the assembly in the singing of my songs that are pertinent to the topics and to the season. Below is a sample of topics.


Title: "The Heart of the Christian Year"


Description: The Lenten and Easter seasons are the heart and soul of the entire Church year!  What are the origins of these two extraordinary seasons?  Join us for a dynamic presentation as we discover the history of our Christian identity and why we do what we do. We will renew our faith and prepare ourselves to enter into the great 90 days of fasting, feasting, and celebration!


Title: "The Eucharist: Crossing Thresholds, Becoming Transformed"


Description: Liturgy invites us to enter into “God space and time” where we become formed, re-formed, and trans-formed into the image and likeness of Christ.  How do we respond during such privileged moments during the mass?  This presentation provides a foundation for understanding these dynamics, in order that we may better respond to God’s initiative.


Title: Do You See What I See?: Traditional, Modern, and Postmodern Approaches to Our Christian Faith

Description: This presentation proposes three interpretations of and approaches to Catholicism that exist in our world today,  how these “world views” continually interact with one another and, finally, how each of the three could learn from the other two in order to bring about healing, harmony, and unity in our Church today.

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