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Celebrating the mystery of the Holy Spirit, Mass of Spirit and Grace infuses texts for the new Roman Missal with strong and approachable melodies from the title song (also included in this collection). This versatile Mass also includes two settings for the Sprinkling Rite, as well as all general and seasonal verses for the Gospel Acclamation that engages the assembly in a call-and-response format.


The Multilingual Intercessions can be sung in 30 different languages!


This collection also features the first available recording of the ecumenical hymn, That All May Be One in Christ, the winning entry of the 2007 National Association of Pastoral Musicians Hymn Competition.


Beyond the Days was my very first collection of liturgical music!  I always had a dream that one day I would be able to share my music as a means to draw people closer to God.   This was a dream come true!




A collection of music that focuses on Sunday Mass, Ordinary Time, and the Feasts and Solemnities of the Lord. This remains my most popular CD and collection to date!



The sequence of songs in this collection spans the entire liturgical year and represents a spiritual deepness and maturity in music, text, and prayer.




It was such a joy to collaborate with the multi-talented Filipino compose and Jesuit priest, Fr. Manoling Francisco, best known for composing the beloved song, Tangin Yaman.  Gentle Strength is the first collection to be produced for Filipino American communities. It includes the songs of Eduardo Hontiveros, Vinceti Rubi, and Arnel Aquino.


Singing with composers, friends, and colleagues of Oregon Catholic Press

at the 2013 NPM National Convention Showcase

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