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This page is dedicated to providing information on arranging concerts, missions, workshops, retreats, and other special events. Below, you'll find an array of topics I commonly cover. However, I am fully committed to accommodating your specific pastoral, consultative, or academic needs, and am flexible in tailoring these topics to fit various formats and time constraints. To check for available dates, please refer to the section at the bottom of this page. Do not hesitate to get in touch with me at your convenience for any inquiries or further information.


The most frequently requested event format includes a Friday evening concert, followed by a workshop on Saturday morning. This concert, lasting approximately 90 minutes, features a carefully curated lineup of 12 songs, sometimes including newly composed songs yet to be released. Prior to each song, I delve into its spiritual meaning and background story, sharing the profound meanings embedded in both the lyrics and melodies. During certain segments, I warmly encourage the assembly to join me in song, fostering a communal singing experience. Far from being just a concert, I envision this gathering as a prayerful journey, guiding all participants towards profound spiritual renewal.


I am equipped to perform solo concerts, where I lead from the piano, or alongside an accompanying choir and/or instrumentalists who joins me in singing select pieces. Should a parish opt for the inclusion of a choir, a rehearsal becomes necessary, typically scheduled for the evening prior to the event. Fortunately, the choir and instrumentalists often have familiarity with many of my songs, which significantly reduces the need for extensive rehearsal time.  The choir or instrumentalists could drawn from the local parish, as well as neighboring parishes or dioceses.


The topics below are divided into subtopics which are meant to serve as starting points. Please free to contact me should other topics come to mind that would better serve your pastoral or academic needs.
  • Catholicism in Our World Today
  • Liturgy, Liturgical Music, and the Sacraments
  • Asian/Asian American Catholicism
  • Intercultural Pastoral Ministry
  • Retreats

Catholicism in Our World Today

Toward a More Perfect Union:
Finding Christ in a Time of Polarization

Across our country, dioceses, parishes, families, and communities, we increasingly observe divisive lines being drawn: traditionalists versus progressives, Red versus Blue, and conflicts arising from differences in race, gender, and social class, among others. We find ourselves in an era marked by political polarization, searching for meaning and Catholic resources to foster harmony and unity. This presentation acts as a crucial guide to approaching this pressing crisis. It provides a history of how we reached this point in our country and in our Church, and offers a spiritual roadmap designed to lead us toward a future of healing, reconciliation, and hope.

The Future

Has Already Begun: 

Pastoral Ministry 

in a 3.0 World

At the Digital Banquet of the Lord: Using Media and Technology with Sacramental Integrity

This presentation delves into contemporary dynamics that are shaping the life of the U.S. Church today. The talk is structured into three distinct sections:


  • WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES: Transitioning from Inculturation to Interculturality

  • BETWEEN THE BOUNDARIES: Insights the 'Nones' Can Offer About Catholic Pastoral Ministry


  • BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES: Envisioning Catholicism in the World of A.I, Media and Technology

Throughout the presentation, I offer practical and pastoral recommendations. Each section is designed to be adaptable, with the potential for further elaboration and depth or additional segments. This flexibility allows the presentation to meet the specific needs.

Explore the evolving landscape of worship in the digital age, profoundly influenced by the events of 2020. This presentation delves into the integration of livestream Masses and digital gatherings into the fabric of our communal connections. We will critically assess how tradition and technology can coexist, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the opportunities and challenges, in addressing the sacramental and pastoral needs of our communities. The session is designed to offer practical strategies for merging technology with liturgical practices, assess the impact of technological advancements, and envision the future of worship within a digital framework.

Do You See What I See?:
Traditional, Modern, and Postmodern World Views in Our Church Today

This presentation outlines three prevailing interpretations and approaches to Catholicism in contemporary society. It examines how these distinct world views interact with each other and explores the potential for mutual learning among them. The goal is to identify pathways toward healing, harmony, and unity within the Church today by fostering an understanding and appreciation of diverse perspectives.

Liturgy, Music, and the Sacraments

A Eucharist of Encountering:
Crossing Thresholds,
Becoming Transformed

In this time of Eucharistic Revival, we are invited to delve into the profound way liturgy ushers us into the sacred presence of God’s space and time — a space where we are continuously formed, reformed, and transformed into the image and likeness of Christ. But what is our role in these transformative encounters during Mass? This presentation lays the groundwork for understanding these profound dynamics, equipping us with the knowledge to respond more deeply and meaningfully to God's initial invitation.

On Our Behalf:
Presidential Chanting
and Musical Leadership
Sing to the Lord: Liturgical Music
and Ministry

In liturgical settings, a range of roles including cantors, choirs, instrumentalists, music directors, and clergy, are essential in leading the assembly. Their liturgical task is to foster an environment of full, conscious, and active participation, positioning the collective voice as the primary instrument of praise and thanksgiving to God.


This presentation begins with a primer on the history of liturgical music, tracing its development through to the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. We then proceed to examine the structural and ritual elements of the Mass, with a special focus on the insights offered by the U.S. Catholic Bishops' 2007 guideline, Sing to the Lord: Music in Divine Worship. The presentation ends with actionable recommendations for enhancing the ministerial roles mentioned. Our aim is to deepen our connections with God and each other, while refining our ministerial abilities and reaffirming our vocational commitment.

Drawing from the insights of my award-winning book, Chanting On Our Behalf (OCP, revised edition, 2015), this seminar caters to clergy and seminarians eager to master the art of chanting presidential prayers a cappella, without relying on the musical notations typically found in hymnals. My teaching method simplifies the process, focusing on the mastery of 3-6 notes and an understanding of the liturgical, grammatical, and ritual nuances of the official prayer texts. Participants will conclude the seminar with enhanced confidence and improved musical proficiency, empowering them to lead the assembly more effectively during key ritual moments.


Asian and Pacific Island American Catholicism

Encountering Christ in Harmony: Pastorally Responding to our
Asian and Pacific
Brothers and Sisters

As the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) population emerges as the fastest-growing minority group in the United States, it still faces a significant lack of recognition and support within broader U.S. society. This seminar, grounded in the insights from the 2018 USCCB pastoral statement Encountering Christ in Harmony, which I had the honor of co-authoring with Fr. Linh Huong, OFM, aims to illuminate the rich gifts and contributions of AAPI Catholics to our church today. We will offer strategic and pastoral recommendations to assist parishes and dioceses in celebrating and integrating the vibrant presence of AAPI communities within the fabric of Church life.

Reflecting Christ's Light: Celebrating Simbang Gabi 
in our Parishes Today

Simbang Gabi (“night masses” in Filipino) are a sequence of novena masses that have become popular throughout the U.S. The first part of this presentation provides historical background on the development of this novena over the past five centuries.  The second part provides a basic theology of Simbang Gabi which places in conversation the interplay between official liturgy (i.e, the Mass) and popular devotional practices (devotion to Mary).  Finally, the third part presents 10 pastoral principles for liturgical planning, preparation, and celebration, including musical suggestions.  The goal of this presentation is to equip pastoral leaders with necessary and basic tools and to spiritually nourish all other participants toward a more meaningful worship experience. 

A Treasured Presence: Celebrating the Gifts and Legacy of Filipino American Catholics

The year 2021 celebrated the Quincentennial (500 years) of Christianity's profound impact on Filipinos worldwide. This presentation offers a comprehensive introduction to Filipino American Catholicism, covering historical, cultural, worship, and pastoral viewpoints. Beginning with an overview of the history of Filipino American Catholicism, we will then showcase the invaluable contributions of faith, family, and cultural values that Filipino Catholics bring to parish and diocesan life. Additionally, we will explore the unique liturgies, devotions, and everyday worship practices that define their spiritual journey, while addressing the critical issue of engaging future generations in these faith traditions. This presentation draws from the insights of the 2021 USCCB publication, A Treasured Presence, co-authored by myself and Dr. Stephen Cherry. Join us in a unified celebration of this milestone event and our rich heritage!


Intercultural Pastoral Ministry

Building Intercultural Competence for Pastoral Ministers

Join us for a transformative journey towards fostering unity and understanding within the diverse Body of Christ. In this presentation, we dive into the heart of intercultural competence, essential for nurturing harmonious relationships across cultural divides in our parishes. communities. and dioceses. We'll explore practical strategies for effective communication and inclusive leadership. Whether you're navigating cultural dynamics in parish settings or seeking to build bridges of understanding, this presentation will jump start us by offering some tools and spiritual insights needed for a truly inclusive pastoral ministry.

Bearing Gifts Among Us: International Ministers

and Parish Life Today

The U.S. Church is experiencing an increase in the number of international pastoral ministers, including 21-25% of all ordained priests, as well as numerous women and men religious. Their contributions are both significant and transformative, impacting parish life and ministry in profound ways. Consequently, the ability to navigate and honor cross-cultural boundaries is becoming increasingly essential.

This session draws on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' Guidelines for Receiving Pastoral Ministers in the United States (3rd edition) to address crucial and sensitive pastoral issues. Topics include accent comprehension, the intercultural dynamics of learning and sharing between international ministers and the receiving communities, and strategies for preparing communities to welcome international ministers effectively. My pastoral insights are informed by my role as Director of the Cultural Orientation Program for International Ministers (COPIC) at Loyola Marymount University, providing a rich foundation of experience and understanding to this discussion.

God’s Grace, Human Space:
Experiencing the Sacred in Everyday Life

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it's all too easy to segregate our daily activities into neat categories: work, family, friends, religion, prayer, and leisure. Unfortunately, this tendency often leads us to compartmentalize God as well, confining our relationship with the Divine to certain times and places that fit neatly into our schedules. But how can we, as Christians, rediscover an image of God who is constantly present in every moment of our lives, even amid the myriad demands of our daily routines? This retreat, inspired by the insights from my award-winning book, The Liturgy of Life (Liturgical Press, 2014), offers a revitalizing perspective. It weaves together a scriptural foundation, the rich traditions of Catholic worship, and contemporary findings from the sociology of religion to present a worldview that embraces God's omnipresence. Join us as we explore how to live a life fully integrated with our faith, recognizing the sacred in the ordinary and the divine in our everyday encounters.


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Available weekend dates for booking are listed below. Whether you're planning a single-day event, a partial-day session (morning, afternoon, and/or evening), or a multi-day retreat or mission, please refer to the following weekend options as a starting point for scheduling. Weekdays are also available upon request.


  • May 31 - June 2

  • June 14 - 16 [on hold]

  • August 23 - 25

  • September 13 -15

  • September 20 - 22

  • October 4 - 6 [on hold]

  • November 22 - 24

  • December 13 - 15

  • December 20 - 22


You may contact me directly using the link below. Thank you so much for your interest and support!

Fr. Ricky

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